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A bit late, I know. Blogging 101 wanted an introduction post, which I suppose is smart. Part of this is also on the page titled ‘Where am I?”

I am Sarah. I’m not much of a talker, but I think blogging will be a good communication method for me because a) I like to think before I speak on anything important and b) my thoughts sound much better written down. But this blog isn’t primarily for my thoughts, it’s for my stories and poems. I admit that the posts on here will be varied, because what I want to share varies, and I can’t be bothered to run more than one blog. That’s a lot of work for my little ideas.

I want to hear from readers and writers. There are people in my non-internet life who read my work sometimes, and they love me and tell me how great it is. This is very good for building my self-esteem but not for improving my writing. So I would really like to hear what people think I’m doing well, and what I could do better. It’s good to hear from readers who know what they like, and from writers who know what they’re doing.

As for what I want to accomplish, I’m not sure. I just want this to be a growing experience for me and for my writing.

So, you clicked on a link and it brought you here. Where are you?

You are Elsewhere. Why? Because I’m on a journey. Elsewhere could mean we’re encountering God in Africa or on the streets of Vancouver. It could mean we’re falling head-first off a bridge with only a bungee cord to catch us. It could mean we’re fighting dragons or evil overlords. It could mean we’re discovering what it is to live in an internet-connected world and what we do with the power of connection. Wherever this takes me, I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve always had a lot to say, but I’ve rarely shared it. I only started this blog because I was going on an adventure: to South Africa with the outtatown program. But I’m here, and I’ve decided I like this idea of blogging. So I guess you need to know what this blog is all about.

Writing is not only how I communicate, it’s how I understand the world. For me, writing is a process of exploration – looking into the world I’m creating in order to see not only something new, but a reflection or revelation of the world I live in. I don’t often share what I write, but for the most part, that’s what this blog will be about. Writing and reading, because words and stories are a big part of my life. If I have adventures, or something comes up that I want to talk about, I will. My posts from the past year are adventure-type posts, after all.

I don’t know if this will ever amount to much. I’ll be honest, here. I’m not that interesting, though I hope my writing is more interesting than my life. I just want to give little insights and make little impacts by going where God leads me. He gave me stories to tell, so here I am.

It’s nice to meet you,  by the way. I hope you hang around and leave me something to say hi. If you’re reading, I would like to hear back from you. Your thoughts might be more interesting than mine!



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