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Canada’s 147th Birthday!

Today is Canada Day and I will do this entire post in red to celebrate. 

Quick history lesson. This day 147 years ago was what we call the Confederation. A guy named Lord Monck became the first Governor General of Canada (which means, for non-Canadians, that he’s the representative of the monarch in Canada). He swore in Sir John A. Macdonald as the first Prime Minister. Canada at the time consisted only of Québec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Now we have ten provinces and three territories. Just look at a map. 

To clarify, this was not when Canada was discovered. The first settling, according to people who know things, of Europeans in Canada was when the Vikings settled in L’Anse aux Meadows in 1000 A.D. Then something happened and long story short, the Vikings left/disappeared forever/died. I’m sure Google has something on that, but that is not the point of this post. After the Vikings, we had John Cabot and Jacques Cartier and other important people whom I recommend you look up if you aren’t Canadian and therefore didn’t do years of Canadian history in school.

I would like to talk about some other aspects of my wonderful country. Like stereotypes, because those are just funny.

First off, we are not a century behind everybody else in technological development. I’m on a computer, writing a blog. I have a phone that accesses the internet. I have an iPod and I know people with Facebook. I also have a stapler in my home. No, they aren’t illegal.

Also, I don’t know your cousin in Toronto. Or Montreal, or Québec, or Vancouver. I live in Alberta. Over 35 million people live in Canada. The likelihood of me knowing your cousin is very small. 

Yes, I speak French. I do not, as mentioned above, live in Québec. It is possible. However, not all Canadians speak French. We have two official national languages: English and French. Yes, all people who work for the government are supposed to be able to speak both. So people at national parks, people who work for Canada post, people who work for Air Canada, and so on and so forth.

No, my diet does not consist of only backbacon and maple syrup. I also eat moose and drink Tim Horton’s Coffee. 

Yes, I was just kidding. I have a varied diet and I don’t drink coffee. But maple syrup is really good. I have never eaten moose.

I do not own a polar bear, and if I did, I would not ride it. Polar bears are dangerous. Did you know, polar bears live as far south as Churchill, Manitoba?

I live in a house, not an igloo.

It is not always winter in all parts of Canada. In some parts, it’s practically always winter, because our land extends into the arctic circle. Where I live, we currently have cacti growing, and today, it is about 23 degrees Celsius outside. No snow. However, in the winter, I wear a tuque, not a ‘hat’. I also wear a scarf and mittens and a coat when I go outside, because I’m not stupid enough not to.

I don’t pay when I go to the hospital. Or at least, not directly. However, some of my taxes, once I have a job that will require me to pay them, will go towards the public health care system. This is good. It means that when I broke my arm three times, it was fixed. It also means that when other kids break their limbs, their limbs will be fixed. Mutually beneficial, unless you have never ever been sick or been financially responsible for someone who is sick. Then you’re just a good, caring citizen.

No, I don’t carry a gun. If I wanted to, it would be really complicated and I would need a good reason. No, I don’t feel that I need to carry a gun, or have a gun in my household. Guns are dangerous. They make killing people way easier than it should be. I don’t feel the need to give examples of what happens when people have easy access to guns. 

So, there you are. In honour of Canada day, I am going to recommend a fantastic video:

Canadian, Please:     (If you would like to read an argument because people are really confrontational, read the comments. I dare you.)

Have a great Canada Day!

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Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Hello, people of earth!

If you’ve found the blog, welcome here! You can essentially just ignore this post. I’m just making sure that this works. Probably after a while I’ll delete it -if I can figure out how.

This seems fun. Well.

ooh, photo check:


Have a picture of Thomas Hobbes. Isn’t he handsome.

That should be all, then. See you around!


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