24 Mar

Sunday the twenty-second February, we drove from Stellenbosch to Strandfontein and went to a Methodist church. This was our homestay week with coloured families, so after church, we went home with out host families. That afternoon we went for a couple walks and visited some family friends, which was quite nice. Quick history of Strandfontein, why it’s there and why it’s a coloured community: So, before apartheid people lived wherever. Then, when apartheid was put into action, the government made some areas whites-only, some for blacks, some for coloured people, and some for Indians. There was an area in Cape Town called District 6, where lots of coloured people lived, then the government decided it was going to be a whites-only area. So they took everyone who was living there and moved them out of the city into suburbs, and thus places like Strandfontein and Mitchell’s Plain were created. Now, many of these people have to commute into Cape Town every day to work and the traffic is horrendous. On Monday we visited a museum about District 6, and we went to Green Market Square, which is a large market area in Cape Town. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had service days in Mitchell’s Plain, working in a community garden. We did a lot of weeding. Friday we had a trip out to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. The tour was interesting, but not as sobering or sad as I expected, considering the atmosphere and responses at similar places that we had visited. The most interesting part was hearing from our guide, who was an ex-political prisonner. We spent our afternoon on the waterfront. I saw a jazz band busking, which was quite fun. We got home about three hours later than usual that day, but none of us had been told that would happen, so everyone’s host parents were very concerned. There was a little bit of chaos there. Saturday was our day with our host families. I took the morning to relax, and in the afternoon/evening we went to visit our… host aunt? Our host dad’s sister and her husband. We had a braai at their house. They were really kind and we quite enjoyed chatting with them and sharing our talents. Our host family was really good. I and another girl stayed with an older couple, their grown daughters and their grandson. The little boy was adorable, and I like getting to play with him, but he could be trouble, and he liked getting into our things. Our host mom was always very concerned about us. And after I read a story of mine at the braai Saturday, our host dad said he would be looking for my name in the Canadian Parliment. I don’t think that’s a place my name will be, but who really knows? Altogether, our week in Strandfontein was good. It was nice to be coming home to somewhere again, and I enjoyed getting to tell new people all about my family.

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