February 23, 2015

27 Feb

Lots of things have happened since I last wrote a blog post and the last one hasn’t even been posted yet. But I will try to describe some snippets of life on outtatown South Africa.
We drove for two days from Soweto to Simon’s Town. Overnight we stayed in the middle of nowhere in the Karoo. Even though we were only there for one night I think it is one of my favourite places, speaking strictly of landscape and climate. The Karoo is dusty hills with plains in between and so much bright blue open sky. We saw bushes with little yellow flowers and white spines as long as my finger. Everything there seems spiny. It’s a landscape that makes you feel powerful, as though if you lived there you would grow strong and quick and brave, but also vulnerable because nothing protects you from the wind and the sand and even the plants are hostile. It really prodded my imagination somehow and also brought back to mind God’s creativity in all the different things He made that I haven’t seen yet. I really loved it there.
Simon’s Town was a debrief week for us after the dramatic difference between Pretoria and Soweto. We stayed at a retreat centre and often walked into town to visit the beach on hot days. One morning some people got up at three in the morning to hike up to the top of the mountain and see the sunrise. Not I- I got up at five and hiked for five minutes to see it. It was gorgeous but I’m not motivated to hike before most sane people are awake. It was a beautiful morning, though.
Our week in Simon’s Town held many delights for us. One day we took the afternoon in town to see the penguins on the beaches and visit the shops. The penguins were adorable and we got really close to them. That was lots of fun. Walking the streets was fun, too. Unlike the landlocked province of Gauteng, the British influence in the Simon’s Town area is very obvious. The little shops are charming and it isn’t hard to find good fish and chips around here. That week we also went skydiving. It was fantastic! Going up in the plane was a little sketchy: the plane was tiny and rickety and I sat right next to the rolling door. Also, it was really cold. But jumping out strapped to an instructor didn’t scare me. I just moved my feet over the edge of the plane and then we were out! It didn’t feel like falling at all, because I was too high up. It just felt like flying, suspended in the air, except that there was so much wind. Then they pulled the parachute and the wind stopped, and I could look around and see the ocean, and all the little coastal towns, and Capetown and Table Mountain. As we got closer to the ground we turned in circles a bit, did some tricks. Then we came right over the top of the building and landed! I really enjoyed it.
Friday we spent at Cape Point, in the ocean. Cape Point is the tourist destination for the southernmost tip of Africa. The tip is actually a little ways away from there; I guess the land bends around somehow. At Cape Point we climbed up to a lighthouse and stood at the edge of a cliff, looking down onto the beach, then climbed down to the beach to enjoy ourselves. That evening we drove to Muizenberg and checked into a surfer’s hostel, which was absolutely gorgeous. I went for seafood with a few friends that evening, then came back for our Small Group, where we witnessed a man walk into a sliding glass door and break it.
Saturday was a free day in Muizenberg. I did my homework, read a lot, and took advantage of the wifi to contact my parents.We also did a bit of shopping and just walking about, enjoying the end of our week of relaxation. Good thing, too, because we had a lot ahead of us!

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