January 18, 2015

19 Jan

I’m writing from Pretoria, South Africa!
We got into Johannesburg at like seven or eight something in the evening on the fourteenth. After getting through customs and using the airport wifi to contact our parents, we got on the bus to our first location, where I promptly got a nosebleed. It was like ‘oh! In a new place on a bus with no light and very few resources? Nosebleed!’ Fortunately, people had Kleenex and I didn’t bleed out.
Anyhow. We stayed for the past three days at Heronbridge Resort near Johannesburg. It was a beautiful place – lots of land for us to roam around when we weren’t busy with orientation or hearing from one of our partners. It also had a high school, so there were lots of kids from Grade Eight to Grade Twelve, who talked a bit with us, and played ping pong and soccer with people. We went swimming, and basically talked a lot about the rest of the semester and about our community. It was good just to get back in the groove of living in community and get used to the weather and the fact that we were in South Africa. It was certainly a good glimpse of the ‘first world’ part of the country, with its extensive grounds, private school, and great food. At one point they actually made a slip ‘n’ slide down a hill, and people were going down on boogie boards. It was pretty cool.
This morning we drove from Heronbridge to Rietvallei church in Pretoria. After the service there (there was one in Afrikaans and one in English. I chose the latter) we met our host families and came home with them. There are four of us staying here, two girls and two guys. So far it’s very nice -they’re very nice people and have been very welcoming. I’m looking forward to this week with them! During the days we have things planned, but our evenings are free to spend with our hosts. Of course, there’s a lot of awesome stuff planned, too, so this week certainly looks promising.
I’m loving the weather. It’s warm and sunny mostly, with a thundershower about once a day, before clearing up again beautifully. We’ve met some really great people, from the director if Heronbridge, to the students there, to our host families and the people of their church. They’re all very kind and welcoming so far and I can’t wait to meet more people and learn from them, too. Every new day is exciting!

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