January 12-14 2015

19 Jan

12 jan. 22:05
This is my first flight of the trip: Calgary to Winnipeg. There’s like thirty-five of us on this flight, so I’m all alone in my side of the row. I just finished reading Firefight, the second book in the Reckoners series by the amazing Brandon Sanderson. It was fantastic, as expected, and so worth the fact that I brought it with me and am leaving it in Winnipeg with a friend. Brandon Sanderson’s books are highly recommended by me.
Am I nervous? Maybe a bit. I’m mostly worried that I’ve forgotten something important. That would be typical of me. I tend to forget the basic things, like toothpaste or pyjamas. But I have both of those. I checked. I’m super excited to see everyone again, though! I ran into one of our team members in the airport already, so I will have one buddy while I wait for three hours until our meet time. That’s awesome. I kind of figured I would be waiting alone.
So I’m not even using my keyboard because I’m not sure about my Bluetooth on the plane and such, but it’s amazing how quickly one can type on a touch keyboard with three fingers. I know, I know, I should type properly like they taught us to in elementary, but the keyboard isn’t big enough for that. This is quicker. It’s kind of unfortunate, though, because my Bluetooth keyboard is so much nicer to use. But hey, this is good too.
I was freaking out a bit earlier, but then I settled in at the terminal with my book and, as usual, my anxiety just left without me noticing. I’m sure I’ll be nervous again later, when I have to think about what I’m doing again. Right now I’m just being annoyed because this keyboard is very inaccurate. *grumps*
Anyhow. I’ll write more when I have something to talk about.

13 jan. 11:38
I’m currently on my flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. When we got into Winnipeg, we awaited for three and a half hours until the rest of the people flying out of Winnipeg got to the airport. Then it was a mad struggle getting us all through customs and onto our first plane. On the way to Minneapolis, I slept. Then, in the airport, I ate and slept. Can up blame me? I was going on 22 hours without sleep and most of those hours were travelling time. I’m still pretty tired, but I can function, which is better than before.
Meeting up with people was awesome, as predicted. In Atlanta, we’ll get to see everyone else that flew from Toronto. Even more hugs and chaos!
We’re all a little bit crazy, I think. We just want to get to Johannesburg and have time to sleep and talk. But we have a lot of travelling to do yet.

14? Jan. 1hr and 35 min away from Johannesburg.
When I look out the window, I can see African land. Also lots of clouds and water.
I’ve been on this flight for about fourteen hours already. That’s a very long time on a plane, but I did sleep a lot. My legs are really cramped.
Everyone has meshed back together like we never left and flying together is a normal experience. It’s neat how well one can adjust to something new. Given a bit of time, we go from ‘this is crazy!’ to ‘this is everyday life’. Or, sometimes, life is more like ‘this is crazy and it’s everyday life!’ Which is awesome.
Monday morning seems really far away. I guess it is far away, but I haven’t had a real night in two days. But even Minneapolis seems like it happened ages ago. Probably because all I did was eat and sleep. Once we get in and eat, and sleep in a bed, everything will seem far more normal. And probably a lot more foreign, because right now, everything is surreal and normal. Travelling is such a weird experience.
You know what’s the worst about planes, though? They’re so dry. My hands were bad before, but now they’re so cracked and stiff. My nose is stuffed again and my hair is the worst. But South Africa, soon, will be warm and relatively humid. Hurry, plane, hurry before I fall into little pieces!
I want to try to write but without my keyboard it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I hope you people enjoy this blog post, because it was made with my exhaustion and cracking fingers and a healthy dose of insanity. Maybe I’ll try reading for this last stretch, if I can stay alert.

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