This, to me, is Christmas: Baking Day

24 Dec

Baking Day starts so early that by the time I get up, my mother has a batch of shortbread ready and is fighting with the cookie press. Sprinkles of all sorts and little silver balls are spread out around her work station, ready to be delicately placed at the top of tiny Christmas trees or in the centre of little flowers. “G’morning,” I mutter, grabbing myself a bowl of cereal. As I eat my breakfast at the island, I ask “where can I start?”
“Sugar cookies,” answers Mum, pointing to the recipe. I just nod. When I’m finished eating, I wander over to the radio. CBC is playing right now, but we’re doing the Christmas baking, so that calls for something a bit more seasonal. Flipping through our collection of Christmas CDs, I finally choose one my my uncle’s family and get it playing. Then I pull back my long hair and get started.
I make sugar cookies all morning, mixing them and rolling them and cutting them out in various shapes and sizes. I switch out the music whenever it stops playing. This is one of the few days in the year that we use all three of our ovens, but it’s days like these that are the reason we bought this house. There was a deal- Mum wanted this house because of the kitchen, and Dad said that if we got it, all the ovens had to be in use at the once at least twice a year. With all the baking we do, and all the people who come to visit, we usually manage it. It makes for a busy kitchen.
Just after lunchtime, my grandma shows up with her baking supplies. When Grandma gets here, all the fun things start happening. I make two batches of Nanaimo bar, one with nuts and one without, because one of my aunts is allergic. Grandma rolls peanut butter balls and dips them in chocolate. Mum makes Rice Krispie roll, and marshmallow squares. Later, she’ll make fudge – one with nuts, one without, even though she says she doesn’t make it well, because fudge is my dad’s favourite. Slowly but surely the finished products are divvied up and put into tins. When all the baking is done, and the cleaning up is ending, I collapse into a chair and just sit for a moment, grinning at the tins of Christmas treats that cover our counter.
This, to me, is Christmas.

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