November 6, 2014

16 Nov

Well hello! I’m back, for now, at least, to tell you about all the fun things I’ve done in the past couple weeks. I think I left off at Girls’ week, so that’s where I’ll start.
I spent Girls’ week doing fun girl things like talking about guys, talking about how awesome I am, and going to Banff and eating lots of junk food. If you’re female, I’m sure you can figure out what kinds of things went on. If you’re not, you should know that things like girls’ weeks, retreats for young women, and ‘girl chats’ involve others telling us how beautiful and precious we are, and then we talk about guys, why they do what they do, and what not to do. Sometimes there is nail painting, hair braiding and dancing. Now you know.
Highlights from that week are going into Banff and seeing Lake Louise, because mountains and lakes. Also, I read a book called Lord of the Rings and Philosophy. That was great.
We had a great time at girls’ week, but it was great to get back together with the guys. We met up with them at Camp Evergreen, which was great for me, because that’s the camp my church does retreats with, and it was great to be ‘home’ in a sense. I got to talk to some friends, and see the developpment that’s gone on in the year since I’ve been there. I was very happy to be back there.
That week our sessions were on Old Testament overview. We went over the basics of the Old Testament in three days, or six sessions. It was crazy, but lots of fun. We got to learn about Hebrew poetry and even tried to write our own Psalms. There was also a rather strange but funny incident where someone started unwrapping Heather’s yarn, which she was using to make headbands for people, and passing the end around the room. By the end of that session, one person was left with the ball of yarn, and a string of yarn connected everyone in the room. I don’t know what started it, but it was just one of those things that happens in our group and wouldn’t happen anywhere else.
Our worship team is great at planning and coming up with new ideas, so I have to tell about our worship night from that week. We spent Thursday evening around the campfire, where we were encouraged to write down lies that we had believed about ourselves, then share them and throw them into the fire. I don’t think I have ever before felt so deeply for other people. It’s a testament to how much I love and trust this group that not only did I feel comfortable sharing my own lies, but I was deeply impacted by what everyone else was sharing. It was a very moving night, even more so for me because I have so many memories built up in that camp and around that campfire.
Friday was another great day. We ended our Old Testament sessions by building an alter by the river, placing our stones and sharing with the group something that we wanted to remember about what God was teaching us. But that was only the beginning of the crazy events for that day, because that night was Halloween. Most of us managed to find or make costumes, and dressed up for our Halloween party, which involved a game about the Saints, murder mafia, and lots of candy. Also, the camp made us the best camp meal ever created. It was so amazing and fancy that I’m not sure what they called it. But what kind of camp makes three course meals for its guests?
Saturday we left the camp, and drove off through the mountains towards Hope, B.C.

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