September 25, 2014

29 Sep

Where am I now? We’re staying at Roseau River Bible Camp, where we’ve been since the evening of Sunday the 21st. It has been mostly warm and sunny outside, and generally much nicer than last week. It is the afternoon of September 25th.
So, after the canoe trip, we stayed at Manitoba Pioneer Camp unil Sunday afternoon. In that time we did some orientation, wrote our Community Covenant, and heard testimonies from our site leaders, which was a very moving experience. One night we heard two testimonies and afterwards we had a worship time, and it was the most impactful night thus far. Mostly, though, we just got to know each other and played team-building games like Phobia and Paint Twister.

On Sunday, after lunch, we drove back to Winnipeg. We did not, and have not yet, had the chance to do laundry (because the washing machine at the camp is broken), which was rather frustrating for a lot of people whose clothes were covered in mud and smelled like campfire and lake water. We went to a mall and picked up supplies that we were missing, and got some supper. Then we went back to CMU for the MUD cafe. MUD cafe stands for Missions Under Discussion. They had a speaker in from Turkey who is a member of the very, very small Turkish church. The experiences that he told us about and the hardships the Turkish church is experiencing were some very interesting but also painful stories to hear. Then, that night, we drove out to Roseau.

The camp is very nice. As I said before, it has been warm every day but yesterday and that is a huge bonus. Today we went ‘swimming’ – mostly wading, it isn’t very deep – in the river. Some people went BMX-ing and there is a zipline we’re hoping to get to use sometime before we leave. However, we also received our books and our first assignment was due this morning.

We had our first speaker who came in and taught us, two sessions a day, Monday to Thursday. He taught an Intro to Theology course that he called Thinking Theologically, Living Faithfully. He was a very interesting speaker, and he asked a lot of questions of us that made us think and go back to what we had learned and read. He was also great for answering questions, though, or at least discussing the topic with you even if he didn’t give you a difinitive answer. It was (for me) a really interesting class, and it was nice to be doing at least a bit of class work. We were blessed to be able to hear from him and have him stay with us for that time, because it was really nice to be able to talk to someone who has a doctorate in the topics you’re curious about.

Okay, so it’s now September 26th, and life is way more interesting. Last night, during our worship service, we had a foot-washing service. I had heard from people who had experienced this before that it had a huge impact on them, but now I can believe it. It is a very humbling experience, not only to wash someone else’s feet, but to have it done for you. Afterwards we prayed for the person we had washed, and spent the rest of the time in prayer. It was a really meaningful experience and I think it was a blessing to our community.

So, now you know what’s been going on with me. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and learning from a great speaker as well as from our site leaders. Tonight I’m reading some of my poetry in the Talent Show, because they don’t have a piano. So that’s nerve-wracking, but it should be good for me, too.

You people can talk back to me, too. Leave a message or send me an email. I like hearing from you even if I don’t respond because my wi-fi isn’t constant.

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One response to “September 25, 2014

  1. grandma MacFarlane

    September 30, 2014 at 4:47 am

    SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE HAVING SOME MEANINGFUL AND INTERESTING EXPERIENCES- keep well and know we are thinking of you often. love Papa and Grandma


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