The Great Summer Reading Contest

01 Jul
Today, we’ll have a discussion with my youngest sister about our reading contest. 

*talk show host voice* Hello, everyone, and welcome to this On Media episode of This Door Leads to Elsewhere! It’s good to see you here on the show. In news right now: today is Canada’s birthday. Canada is 147 years old today. Yesterday in World Cup News, Germany beat Algeria and France beat Nigeria. At this very moment, according to Google, Belgium is playing the United States. There is no score there yet. But let’s get on to the topic of today’s show: summer reading!

Let’s introduce my little sister. Kind of. Smallest sister of mine, say hello to the people on the interweb, if they are there.

Hello people on the interweb. My name is Rachel and I like peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Oookay, then. All together, now. Hello, Rachel. Thank you. So Rachel and I are doing a reading contest this summer. Contrary to what you may believe after reading the title, it probably won’t be that great. In all likelihood, it will only take us a few days. At first, I estimated a week but now I’m thinking five days. What say you, Rachel?

*clears her throat* First of all, you started out by saying you hoped I would be able to finish it by September. I say around 5 days.

No, no, no. That was when I was just making a list of things for you to read. It was a long list. But shall we explain the concept of this contest?

You can.

Okay. Basically, I chose five books and Rachel chose five books. We started reading yesterday, and the first person to finish all ten wins. Winner gets to choose another book for the loser to read. 

Correction, nonwinner. I think loser is very rude and mean.

Whatever, the non-winner, then. This means that Rachel is going to read L.M. Montgomery’s The Story Girl, because she’s almost as fast as me, but not quite.

I am only one book behind you, not even one book. There is still a possibility I might win!!! But Sarah was unhappy about the fact that we did not own the The Story Girl, and she ended up getting it for free on the kindle. So I assume it is quite a good book.

It’s a wonderful book. On par with Anne of Green Gables, which is on the contest list. Really, this is all a ploy to get Rachel to read classics.

I knew that. But I will kindly give you the full list. Pegasus 1, Pegasus 2, Dream of Night, Counting by 7s,  13 treasures, A Little Princess, Inkheart, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables and High Rhulain. That is all ten books and the eleventh for me is the Story Girl. And if I win… you’ll have to wait and find out. (Psst, I haven’t decided on one yet.)

Right now, I’ve finished the first four and Rachel the first three. Well, that is all. If you have any recommendations for my summer reading, please tell. Rachel, say goodbye to the nice people on the interweb.

I didn’t need you to tell me to say good-bye. I’m eleven years old, I know my manners as well as you do. Good-bye interweb. Perhaps I will talk to you again some time.

Thank you for joining me on the blog today.

You are very welcome!

And to all of you out there, have a great day. Hope to see you next time.

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