Blank Pages

17 Jun

You know that feeling when somebody places a clean sheet of paper in front of you? Or when you open a notebook or sketchbook and flip to a brand new page, where nobody has left their mark yet? It feels like anything could happen between now and the time that page is full. Empty paper is welcoming, but intimidating. It waits on you to do something. When I have a blank page, I write about it.

Blank Page

Blank pages are for sorrow,

pouring from a pen.

Blank pages are for saying things

worth saying again.

Blank pages are for random thoughts,

whatever comes to mind.

Blank pages are for writing down

a past you left behind.

Blank pages for remembering

or trying to forget.

Blank pages are for writing

to a friend you’ve never met.

Blank pages are for poems,

glimpses of your heart.

Blank pages are for fixing that

that’s tearing you apart.

Blank pages are for fingerpaints,

or wonders from skilled hands.

Blank pages for adventures

found in distant lands.

Blank pages for new music,

beauty to the ear.

Blank pages for resolutions

on the eve of the New Year.

Blank pages are the future,

a welcome open door.

Blank pages are possibilities

you’ve never seen before.

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Posted by on June 17, 2014 in From My Pen, Poems


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