Where is Elsewhere? Also Doctor Who and Exams.

16 Jun

Hello, people of Earth! Well, those of you who might read this, which will probably be very few. Unless one day I gain more motivation and write a lot and become very famous. Then lots of people would read this and I would have to change my username to hide my identity. Awkward.

I don’t really think there’s much point to this post. I’m just trying to get used to putting stuff up now that I’m going to have more spare time. Maybe I’ll post a poem. But later! Today’s post will be threefold, because threes are fun.

Part One: Finals. I know, it’s boring. But this week and next Monday I have diplomas and mostly, besides taking them, I’m making plans with people (and plans for things like library and Doctor Who and cleaning of bedroom) to avoid studying for them. Because studying is boring. I mean, social was a fun class, but studying for social is boring. Philosophers (like Thomas Hobbes, see last post, who believed that human nature is evil and we should favour security over liberty) are already memorized. Even Tommy Douglas, who first thought up Canada’s Health Care System. Yay! The political spectrum: done. Make sure I understand Keynes? Done. Great depression, blah-di-blah. And I REALLY don’t want to study for chemistry even though I need to a bit more, because chemistry is really boring. But no, it’s like “Hess’ Law” and “Kc values” and “Cheesy Rules for Remembering Voltaic Cells”. Summary: I have diploma exams and I don’t want to study for them.

Part Two: Doctor Who. I have an obsessive personality and right now I’m watching Doctor Who so just know that you might hear a lot about it for the next while. However, maybe not. But the fact that I have lots of time at home means that all I want to do is watch Doctor Who all the time and I can’t watch too many episodes or I’ll get in trouble even though DW is more fun than exams or cleaning. I just finished series 4 of New Who so in the next episode I get a new doctor and I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, I really like 10 so I’ll miss him. But I also really liked 9, and I managed to like 10 after him, so it should be okay. I love them both. I’m sure I’ll like 11 quite a bit too. I can’t help it. Speaking of obsessive personalities: also TFIOS. We shall discuss that in a later post.

Part Three: The blog. What’s with the name? It’s because it can be representative of my travels, but also of my writing, and also because my mind is a strange and mysterious place. So every time you visit, you are shown a different place. Elsewhere. See? The tone of this post is conversational, because it doesn’t serve much purpose except to give me confidence in using this blog. However, as these things gain a bit more purpose, the tone will settle into something a bit more formal. Probably. Then of course I’ll post writing, so that will be a different tone again. On that note: please don’t let my writing alarm you. I’m sane, really. So in the next little bit I hope I’ll be building this place up a bit: making sections, figuring out how the front page works, and hopefully sharing some thoughts with you. I should make a list of things I want to talk about…

That’s all. This was fun! More later, if I remember. Not that it matters because almost nobody has this blog address so nobody’s reading it yet. Good bye, Nobody.


(p.s. I heard you killed a cyclops. You’ll have to tell me about it someday.)

(p.p.s. How am I supposed to end these? They aren’t really letters. Ah well, we’ll figure it out.)

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